About Regina Carbonell

What can I do for you and why do I do what I do?


I am a former veterinary nurse that left her career in nursing on her way to Head Nursing due to bullying at work. Gender non conforming immigrant in the UK that easily passed over other employees due to hard work and interest in the matter, they made sure I was leaving most practices before a month went through.

That was early 2016, since then I have done every university course I found on HR, LGBTQIA inclusion, gender issues and transgender health and sexuality and others to help make sure others don’t go through what I had to go and about 6 months ago I established my consulting company while going to every event and show I can to talk about transgender and gender non conforming people, gender issues and how to make small changes to make the whole society more gender inclusive.

I am Mallorca based again, Mallorca is where I was born. Where I created most of my former charitable projects as “Adoptame yo también soy guapo” which you can find in the links and references page. I love traveling and I have visited some of Europe and Asia. I love learning about other cultures and views and taking the best of each and everyone.

 I have spoken at Parc Bit, the business side of the Balearic Islands University about gender bias, diversity at work and Ben Barres. I have been on several publications as well as on national TV and Radio and international podcasts and interviews.

Gender non conforming idol, LGBTQIA activist, chronich illness advocate, investor, business lady and motivational speaker. I travel the world to help you live a happier life, have happier employees, increase your net worth and grow your network. 

Feedback & Reviews

” We couldn’t have done it without you. I wish you luck on everything you do because you deserve to impact many lives 

P. Lladò

Some of my training and public works

At Regina Carbonell Consulting we create all of our trainings and workshops according to your company needs.

Sexual Harassment at work, A Secret Outloud

One-fifth of American adults have suffered sexual harassment at their workplace. In the UK, one in every five women has been sexually assaulted at work and 52% has suffered from “undesired behaviours”from male colleagues. In Canada, 30% of adults have experienced sexual harassment at least once during their work life.

Workshop at Manacor

This 2018 I had the pleasure to run a closed group workshop on self-love and sex with women that were survivors of sexual assault and gender based violence. 

This was an amazing experience to learn from each one of the atendees, their strenght and their stories as well as helping them regain confidence to orgasm again.