best ecommerce tips to humanize connect with customers

How to improve your e-commerce experience

5 ways to humanize your online store so customers repeat their amazing experience with you.


Communicate over the phone

Offering a Telegram, Whatsapp, text or phone call experience will show your customers there are human beings behind your e-commerce store. It will show that you care and that you are there for your customers, and it is an alternative that feels much nearer than the website chat.
With big volume e-commerce stores, you’d need a person (or several) whose task is only to answer customers in these channels.



Offering an online chatbot solves one of the main problems of the globalized online world: What happens when a customer contacts us and we are not open? Well, we used to lose that sale. Now the chatbot can answer for us!

Customer care is a pretty repetitive job, most customers face the same questions and wonders and here’s where the chatbot can solve your problems. Chatbots can have a pre-programmed conversation, and they learn while they communicate with your customers, to offer a better and better experience each time they contact with a new customer.
Most clients don’t like chatbots very much, but it is very difficult to differentiate a chatbot from a human nowadays, and it will become more and more difficult!


What about video?

IG TV, Facebook, Snapchat… Social Media offers you infinite ways to connect with your customers showing them what happens in your company, your offices or your stores with videos, where they can feel like part of the club, family or tribe.
Having videos on your website can increase up to 50 times your Google search ranking and more than 85% or online surfers watches online videos.
If you are unsure about appearing on camera, you can hire an actor to talk in video about the characteristics of your products.
Also, having a Thank You video on your thank you site, after the purchase, telling your customer to give you a review, to talk about the experience with their acquaintances etc will increase their trust and connection. Make sure your videos last 10 to 20 seconds.

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