Co-healing the world

With Oracle Jessi

R: Hi Jessi. We’d love to know a bit more about you. You call yourself a modern oracle and you help LGBT people to become their best selves. So, tell me, who is Oracle Jessi?

J: Hi Regina. Well, I am a genderfluid demisexual spiritual coach. In 2016, I realized that I wanted to help co-create the healing of the world. I already knew my niche very well — the LGBT+ community — and so I knew the problems they had when it came to having clarity and direction in their lives, as well as building their own value and belief system that will help them achieve their goals. I was wrestling with the fact that these people I loved so dearly were having problems that many others do not. I couldn’t believe the lack of support they were given by numerous faith communities, and society at large. I had success building my own belief and value system that was outside a “normal” religious tradition, so I decided to create a program to help others do the same. Now, I’ve paired my love of tarot readings with coaching so that I could create a unique 1-on-1 coaching program that is one of the only ones in the industry that supports people with coaching AND tarot readings.

R: What are the benefits and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur in your opinion?

J: I haven’t had any outside negativity since starting my business and seriously putting myself out there. I know that my vibe attracts my tribe, and I have certain privileges that allow me to capitalize on my situation. (For example, I’m white, I appear cisgendered, and I appear straight…most of the time.) I exude positivity, and expect others to do the same. I understand that others may not have this perspective or experience, but this is what I’ve found works for me.

R: But being an entrepreneur is sometimes a challenge itself, wouldn’t you agree?

J: Let me be honest and vulnerable with this answer: the business is only as good as the people running it, and I am always a work of improvement. As I’m building my personal brand, I’m building myself, as well. My business has been the greatest spiritual teacher that I’ve ever known — and that’s saying something coming from a spiritual coach! Being in business has taught me to reflect on my own belief system — and, more importantly, my own identity — more than any other challenge I’ve faced. Recently, I’ve been forced to look at my limiting beliefs and false identities, and face them head-on, knowing that I have created the reality that I am participating in. In order to co-create and manifest my Guiding Light (my Ultimate Dream) into reality, I have to examine how my current beliefs and values do not match up with my Ideal Self and Dream, and work EVERY DAY towards shifting my perception to that of my Guiding Light. It’s hard work, and a constant battle, but it is essential for me to do — especially since I ask the same of each client I work with. Yes, I do practice what I preach…

Have you ever wanted more out of your life? Do you want to feel intimately connected to yourself, to others, and to your place within the Universe? Want clarity and direction with spiritual support, without all the BS? That was where I had found myself not too long ago. “Traditional” religion wasn’t cutting it for me. I was very…abnormal. I believe the word my mother used was “eccentric.” That’s fine — because it was totally me. If it were the 70’s I would’ve been a hippie and fit right in. Maybe. I don’t really know. But probably not because your “typical” hippie is always portrayed getting stoned and all about the free love, right, man? I don’t know about all that. What I DO know, is that I wasn’t happy with where I was in my life…where the “typical” organized religion had gotten me. I couldn’t imagine that God wouldn’t love you if you were gay, or that everyone “had to” fit into those damn outdated gender roles. (A woman belongs in the what???) Not only was I not happy right where I was, but I was also not sure of where I wanted to go. And, what’s worse than that, not really having a trusted mentor to help me get the clarity and direction I so desperately desired! Even worse than that (I know…I thought it couldn’t get any worse…wait, is it raining outside?), I wasn’t sure I had the guts, the tools, and the skills I needed to get me out of this slump and into something better. I wasn’t even sure if I deserved better…because no one around was modeling what it looked like for me. I was in a mess…and it wasn’t just your “typical” teenage angst. (If this was a phase this phase lasted for several years…) I had this desire not only to be something better…but to do something better with my life. Not for altruism or charity or for some other BS reason, but because I want to feel good about my own damn life without compromising my beliefs and values to “fit in” with the sheeple around me. So I began exploring. My high school season of exploration led to a more open mind in college. In college, I joined the pagan group and started learning how to read tarot cards. Instantly I was hooked into the structure, the symbolism, and the stories they told. I was enchanted by the way that someone COMPLETELY and totally different from me could sit across the table from me…and be leaning in the entire time because I was telling them something important. I was giving them an insider’s viewpoint from an outside perspective. In those moments, it didn’t matter that we had two very different backgrounds, belief systems, gender or sexualities. They saw me, and I saw them. Namaste — the divine in me honors the divine in you. I took one religious studies class in college and was hooked. I took one anthropology class in college and was hooked. In my first year I switched from being a journalism major to double-majoring in religious studies and applied cultural anthropology — and never looked back. I loved taking classes on Hinduism, western religions and queer studies, and eco-anthropology courses. I learned that, while we can appreciate our past as humankind, we can also change our future in a very powerful way — by being the change we wish to see in the world. 15+ years later, I’m still learning. I’ve been burned a few times (who hasn’t?), but I’ve found that your vibe attracts your tribe, and I can’t wait to see the amazing people waiting for me as I go through my journey. I know that the Universe has my back, my community supports me and my work, and I have the tools and the confidence to achieve my goals. I have the power to manifest my dreams into reality, and co-create the healing of this world. With no fluff, and no BS. And I want that empowered healing for you. You are worthy of feeling connected, seen, loved, and supported. I can’t wait to see you soar.

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