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Alexander Hölzl is a 40 year old non binary filmmaker, director, actor, marketer, teacher and model. He is the owner of a filmproduction and multimedia agency called Visual Kings Media e.u.

“I never needed to find myself. I always knew who I was and that I feel related to both genders. I feel privileged that there’s a lot of female in me and I’m living out this part in my genderqueer campaign, as well as in everyday life. I’m proud of how I look and who I am. In the past I tried to hide my special features aka boobs and curves, but now I stand to them and love them.”- Alexander Hölzl

R: Hi Alex, is such a pleasure to be able to feature you today. I know you were facing some challenges a couple of years ago for your genderqueer life being so public. Which challenges would you say you face in your life and business?

A: I always lived the way I am, without the need of a secret double identity. I’m totally accepted and integrated, socially as well as professionally. But I guess I’m lucky cause the film- and creative business is more free-living than other industries. The only problem I ever experienced was within the transgender community. Especially M2F transwomen seem to have a huge problem with non-binarity, my way of thinking and also with my media presence. They tried to stop my genderqueer photo campaign in every possible way and even contacted the editorial staffs of magazines to stop spreading my story.

R: Our writer Amy loves to call them Truscum hahaha. I still feel like a newby in all the the non binary urban vocabulary myself sometimes! But they are just rigid binary people I think! But I’m sure that being your own boss has advantages on it’s own, am I right?

A: I’m my own boss and my clients don’t care about my look. They accept me in Hawaiian shirt and designer stubble as well as wearing a skirt and makeup. Of course there are people who might have a problem with my non-binary way of living, but I don’t care. If they don’t like what they see, they don’t need to work with me and can turn around.

R: Can you give us some advice in emotion management? How do you deal with negative emotions?

A: Doing sports helps a lot. Running, mountainbiking and Yoga. To exercise keeps the mind free of bad thoughts and depression. It’s a natural high. I’m a sanguine person and always see the positive side of life. Every day of healthiness is a gift and every problem can be solved.

R: If you could go back in time, what would you tell to 16 year old Alexander?

A: Life is short. Live every moment to the most. Be yourself and don’t care about others opinion.

R: As a successful non binary person, what is your advice for young people?

A: Don’t simulate, be authentic. Authenticity is the base of acceptance. If you feel comfortable in your own body and clothes, nobody will stand in your way.

Thank you Alexander, it has been a pleasure having you here today.
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