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Business woman, investor, activist, mentor. Shaping the world of tomorrow with a diversity flag. Fighting for gender equality and LGBTQIA inclusion in Mallorca and Europe.

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I teach, coach and mentor people on how to find and follow their dreams since childhood to grey hair. Find joy on learning and growing and improving yourself.

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You can book me to organise your event as well as to give a speech at an event. Check my blog and e-books to know more about subjects I’m an expert about and email me to talk about my fees. 

I Train.

We have trainings, workshops and licensed courses that
we create on demand depending on your companies values, needs and locations.


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“  Whenever I have doubts of becoming the woman I want to be, you pick me right up ”

Jessica E

My story

I am a former veterinary nurse that left her career in nursing on her way to Head Nursing due to bullying at work. Gender non conforming immigrant in the UK that easily passed over other employees due to hard work and interest in the matter, the made sure I was leaving before a month went through.

That was early 2016, since then I have done every university course I found on HR, LGBTQIA inclusion, gender issues and transgender health and sexuality and others to help make sure others don’t go through what I had to go and about 6 months ago I established my consulting company while going to every event and show I can to talk about transgender and gender non conforming people, gender issues and how to make small changes to make the whole society more gender inclusive.

Make your company people friendly.